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A dent in a 20 year old Fiat Panda will cost the same as a one month old Rolls Royce, there are not different prices based on age and value. Prices are based on the skill, knowledge, tools and ability to make that dent vanish. Plus a few other factors....


All dents are different. What may appear straight forward can be complicated and vice versa. They will vary in shape, size, depth, complexity, material, finish and the location of the dent can affect access, repair viability and most importantly, cost.

Does the dent lie across a body line or swage line?

Is the dent a crease or a 'sharp' dent?

We may need to remove and refit trim parts or light shells to gain suitable access referred to as a 'de and re'.

Make, model and year of manufacture means cars are different in construction, access, materials used such as steel, high strength steel (HSS), Aluminium and plastic. HSS and aluminium increase working time and difficulty immeasurably.


For these reasons dents are subject to appraisal and quotation. Where possible accurate descriptions and or even photos of the damage sent directly to us will assist in an estimate being given. Vehicle make, model, age and the location of the dent will also affect the accuracy of the quotation, so as much of this information as possible is always appreciated if sending a quote request. Ideally, an appraisal in the metal is best and FREE OF CHARGE. We come to you to carry this out.

It's not always just a dent. AX-A-DENT PDR Work in partnership with the best mobile paint specialists so if a panel also requires a paint repair we will be able to supply an expert assessment and cost for this as well.
* Dent repairs start at - £75.00

* Discounts for multiple dents may be given

We will always try to be competitive and WILL supply a full cost to repair with no hidden extras, but if you have what we consider a reasonable and fair written quotation, we will be happy to beat it if possible. Our assessment and quotations are FREE OF CHARGE so you have nothing to loose.

AX-A-DENT PDR also offer the following services:

* Light Scratch & Scuff Removal / Bird Dropping Mark Removal from - £65.00

* Full Personalised Vehicle Detailing

* Pre-sale Vehicle Preperation

* Machine Polishing & Paint Correction for tired faded and marred paint surfaces

* Clay Treatments

* Sealant Applications

Please call to make an appointment for the above services.

N.B. Not all scratch marks and defects will be repairable via this method. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Below is a gallery of some of the cars we have fully valeted and detailed, applied sealants too, corrected paint blemishes, swirls and fading and removed bird lime stains, performed full body machine polish corrections, interior valets, engine bay detailing, wire wheel polishing etc etc etc.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.