Here are a selection of reviews, feedback and highlights from customers whose cars AX-A-DENT PDR have worked on for dent repair, paint correction, scratch removal, and even full detailing. 


* I had Adam sort out my M3 when I had a mishap in a car park. Adam came out and assessed the damage and gave me a quote. Two days later he turned up at my work place and worked his magic. Can't recommend AX-A-Dent enough! Cheers Adam

Gavin Jobling – BMW M3


* Brilliant service, had a dent from a ladder in the aluminium bonnet of my XKR. Two body shops told me it needed rubbing down a re-spray as aluminium can't be repaired without. Adam performed a miracle and you would fail to find the area repaired. Saved a small fortune too. Highly recommended!

Grant Gibson – Jaguar XKR


* Outstanding job by Adam - great result in removing a dent above my rear light. Many thanks.

Gareth Williams – VW Touareg


* Had a dent to the rear wheel arch of my Ford Fiesta. The dent has come out and the panel looks great thanks to Adam's expertise. Would definitely recommend.

Chris Preddy – Ford Fiesta


* First class service. Highly recommended!

Stuart Hayes- Jaguar XF


* I have to say a very big thanks to Adam for the fantastic job he did fixing dents in my beloved car.
Not long after having my rear bumper repaired, I had a fight with a wheelie bin that was jutted out in a main road. It took off my wing mirror…..annoying but easily replaceable. But I was gutted to see that both my nearside doors were also dented and in difficult places.
Adam was recommended (highly) to me by the guy who did an excellent job of repairing my bumper.
Given the nature of the dents, I did not have a high expectation of what could be done by paintless dent removal, but thought I would give it a try.
I dropped my car off to Adam (as it was more convenient) and spent a very pleasant and interesting 30 minutes or so, discussing his techniques…..he is very professional, perfectionist and enthusiastic about his work. Adam was even prepared to run me into work that morning.
On picking my car up, I was amazed at the end result. It truly exceeded all my expectations. It really does look like new again….I just could not see the slightest hint of repair. Respect! And all at a very reasonable price.
I am almost looking forward to my next dent!!!

Tim McBride – Ford Mondeo


* Thank you for the excellent work carried out on my Mitsubishi ASX.

 Someone had opened their car door against the rear wheel arch causing a dent which whilst not large stuck out like a sore thumb and had been niggling me for a while.

As the car is nearly new I did not want to have the rear quarter repaired & resprayed for such a small dent so asked Adam to see what he could do.

He was a pleasure to deal with & went through the repair process with me so that I was fully aware of what could be done & the end result that could be expected.

Although access to the dent caused problems Adam persevered & spent several hours working his magic which resulted in a repair that I am very pleased with.

Many Thanks,

Peter Daley - Mitsubishi ASX      

* Shoot Aviation have employed the services of AX-A-DENT PDR on a number of occasions for full vehicle detailing and dent repairs. The dent repairs on some occasions were a little unusual as they were to aeroplanes we use for filming and recreation, both Messerschmitt ME108's had multiple dents repaired to the wings and fusilages from hanger rash and strikes whilst flying. Adam also spent many hrs machine polishing a private jet that we use for filming, no doubt he will be required again in the future. Successful and superb service on all occasions.
Shoot Aviation Ltd
Messerschmitt ME 108, Challenger Private jet Super Mid size, MG TF Sports, 1978 Porsche 911 Carrera,

* AX-A-DENT PDR were employed to look after our busy dealership demands after demonstrating a high level of competency and even higher standard of repairs for Paint Correction services and in particular Dent Repair Service. We will continue to use Adam with confidence for our on-site repair needs.

 Bruce Simpson – Mitsubishi Motors



* The service Adam provides us for Paintless Dent Removal compliments our own on site body shop facility brilliantly. For fast response repairs to stock and customer cars I can’t recommend AX-A-DENT PDR enough and would hesitate to use any other company unless absolutely necessary.

 Mani Perez – Infiniti Centre Reading

Aftersales and Body shop Manager


N.B. Infiniti Reading are now owned by Nissan U.K. and have closed their body shop. AX-A-DENT PDR continue to provide Panitless Dent Repair and Paint Correction polishing services to Infiniti Centre Reading


* Thank you Adam at Ax-a-dent for taking the time and care to make my Vauxhall bumpers look new and fresh again. Really good job, friendly polite and professional.

 Great value and service.

 Mr. James Herriot. – Vauxhall Vectra


 * We returned to our car one day in a supermarket car park to find 2 fist sized dents in the rear panel. Ford quoted over £600.00 to repair and stated that a dent man wouldn’t be able to fix the damage. After contacting Adam at AX-A-DENT he assessed the damage and confidently stated that an excellent standard of repair was doable at a quarter of the cost Ford Quoted. 1 week later he proved he was right. Perfect repair and an excellent service. Thank you.

 Barry Evans – Ford Fiesta


* Whilst clearing snow from my car I scraped the bonnet and wings, it looks a sorry mess, as I have had the car for 8 years and it had 100000 miles on the clock I thought the best course of action would be to part exchange it for a new/newer car.

 Initial enquiries suggested a very poor price for my car, as there was nothing wrong with it except for the scrapes so I thought to have it re-sprayed, that was a very expensive alternative as well so I asked Adam to have a look and following his examination he said that he thought he could make good most if not all of the scrapes.

 I booked the appointment and Adam spent a day on it, when he was finished I was astonished, it looked like a new car, all the body panels shone like new, the interior had been cleaned and polished, the leather treated so that all signs of wear/distress have gone, completely.

 I am really pleased with the work Adam has done, he now gives it a valet once a month, my whole experience with Adam has been one of complete satisfaction and I recommend him and his services wholeheartedly.

 Mike Sheehy - Jaguar XKR

KPI Transport co Limited


* Adam’s attention to detail meant that every nook and cranny was clean and shinning when I jumped in the car on collection. I will continue to use the services of Ax-a-dent to care for my BMW and would happily recommend the services offered.

 Greg Greatbatch – BMW 6 Series


* Adam Spent the best part of 2 days cutting and polishing the car in order to bring it back to its full former glory. Layers of expensive carnuba wax were applied to help seal in the hard work and all I can say is I am am delighted with the outcome. 

Ferrari 360 Modena convertible. Owner wishes to remain anonymous. Pictures available of the transformation.


Adam worked on 2 of my cars, one Mercedes and 1 Porsche 911. The merc had dent repairs and a full detail and looked beautiful when finished and the Porshce had dent repairs and a full paint correction finished with my own Swissvax products by Adam at my request. It looked superb and the repairs to both flawless.

1983 Mercedes 280SL & 1996 Porsche 964 30th Anniversary Edition - Owner wishes to remain anonymous - Picture of both transformations available


Adam completed several dent repairs to the rear quarter panels and arches, boot lid and roof of my Porsche 911 with perfect results. Finished off with a full valet. Excellent service.

Porsche 997 / 911 Coupe. Owner wishes to remain anonymous. Pictures available.


Adam has completed work on dent repairs , polishing bird poo stains out and full detailing on the following cars in my family on several occasions over a number of years. Maserati Gran Tourismo, dent repairs, full detail. Audi A3. Dent repairs and paint correction to roof skin for very bad bird poo staining. He has also completed repairs for work colleagues at our offices in Fleet. All work completed to absolute satisfaction.

David Barnett - Maserati Gran Tourismo, Audi A3

* It looked truly magnificent once he had finished.

 He worked tirelessly on the car with great enthusiasm and I was surprised at the cost too which was surprisingly low considering the effort, work and materials used.

 David Beaman – Mercedes Benz                      


* Adam came to my house and made it extremely easy for me to get on with my day while spending 8 hrs of his day micro cleaning my car. Highly recommended to anyone and everyone who takes pride in driving a super clean car around!!

Philip Witney – Corvette C5


* I can’t recommend Ax-a-dent highly enough. The work was completed in a day, at my convenience, and the car was returned to me looking shinier than when I bought it. The attention to detail and the customer service was just fantastic.

Liz Witney - Ford Focus


* Adam is excellent at what he does and I was really impressed with the results. Not only was he able to take the car on a day that suited me but the work was completed on time and to an excellent standard. I have, and will continue, to recommend him highly.

Clare Shepherd - BMW 3 Series Coupe


* I was going to have to replace the whole bumper at great cost as it was a real eye sore, but now I don’t even notice it. Great job, friendly good humoured and very reasonable! Thanks again.

Pat Nash – Vauxhall Zafira


* Apart from the fact that the guy is a perfectionist and knows exactly what he is
doing to a level you just can’t get from normal valet services, I also felt totally happy
leaving my car with him which is very important to me. Highly Recommend.

 Justin Mills VW Scirocco