No two dents are the same, they vary in shape, size, depth, material, finish and location affecting access, repair viability and most importantly, cost.

For these reasons dents are subject to appraisal and quotation. Where possible accurate descriptions and or even photos of the damage sent directly to us will ensure an accurate quotation. Vehilce type, age and the location of the dent will also affect the accuracy of the quotation, so as much of this information as possible is always appreciated if sending a quote request.

We will always be competetive and supply a full cost to repair with no hidden extras, but if you have what we consider a reasonable and fair written quotation, we will be happy to beat it if possible. Remember though, our assessment and quotations are free, so you have nothing to loose.

Dent repairs start at - £65.00

This will relect a small, easy access repair in a soft material panel and will be affected by the above criteria.

Multiple dents per panel - £POA

Possible additional costs to consider:

1. Will the repair require the removal and refitting of trim parts, i.e inner door cards, bonnet and boot liners, roof liners 

2. What is the panel material - Steel or Aluminium, they vary in hardness and workability

3. Is the dent 'sharp' in the centre or does it form a line or crease. These will take longer to work and are much harder to perfect

4. Does the dent fall across a bodyline or swage line as these will take longer and again are much harder to perfect

AX-A-DENT PDR also offer the following services:

Light scratch and scuff removal / Bird dropping mark removal from - £65.00

* Full Personalised Vehicle Detailing

* Pre-sale vehicle preperation

* Full machine polishing and paint correction 

* Cloth roof cleaning and sealing

* Clay treatments

* Sealant applications

See our Gallery for examples of our work.

Please call to make an appouintment for the above services.

Key scratches, scuff marks, surface defects etc. Repairs carried out by hand and / or machine polishing. Not all scratch marks and defects will be repairable via this method. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.