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This is just some of the great feedback (with highlights of course) that we have received from customers for both dent repair and detailing work we have carried out. You can see further feedback on our recently launched Facebook page at


*   Ford Fiesta Rear Corner Dents


"When a neighbour bumped into our Fiesta they wanted to pay for the repair without claiming on their car insurance. We had a quotation from Ford of £531 and was told that because of where the damage was it could not be fixed by paintless dent repair and they would need the car for three days. Think again Ford. Adam knew that access to the dents would be tough but he worked his magic and the car was fixed in a day. We are extremely pleased with the results and the neighbour was very relieved when they got the bill."
Barry Evans & Tracey Osborne



Testimonial for AX-A-DENT PDR
I have known Adam Kimberley since 1998 when he joined Honda with Jardines Motor Group and later worked with him at the groups Land Rover franchise.
As Brand Manager now at Mitsubishi Reading, I first appointed Adam & AX-A-DENT’s services in January 2011 as we had no regular service offered from a dent and smart repair specialist. We were keen to establish a relationship with someone who could be reliable and committed to our requirements.
Being a main dealer our requirements can vary from quickley rotating pre owned stock preparation to emergency call outs at the bequest of our customers, so a like-minded and professionally presented not to mention capable individual is required to support us. I am pleased to say we have not been left wanting with Adam and AX-A-DENT PDR and they are now on site weekly making sure all our vehicles meet the high standards we require. Also, due to Adams experienced back ground, his presentation to our customers (not just of himself and his own company), but also that of Mitsubishi Reading never leaves cause for concern.
Among the services offered, AX-A-DENT PDR carry out Paintless Dent Repair, scratch and scuff repair, paint rectification treatments as well as interior refurbishments that are an everyday requirement of a busy franchise like ours, and I am very happy to recommend the services they offer and the manner in which they deliver those services.
Bruce Simpson
Brand Manager  - Mitsubishi Reading
Aug 2011 - Current 2016 
Please see both PDR and Valeting Galleries for examples of work carried out for this customer.


*   Mitsubishi ASX - Dent work


Thank you for the excellent work carried out on my Mitsubishi ASX.


Someone had opened their car door against the rear wheel arch causing a dent which whilst not large stuck out like a sore thumb and had been niggling me for a while. As the car was nearly new I did not want to have the rear quarter repaired and resprayed for such a small dent so asked Adam to see what he could do.


He was a pleasure to deal with & went through the repair process with me so I was fully aware of what could be done & the end result I could expect. Although access to the dent caused problems Adam persevered & spent several hours working his magic which resulted in a repair that I am very pleased with.


Many thanks


Peter Daley



*   JAGUAR XKR - Multiple Scratch Repairs


Whilst clearing snow from my car I scraped the bonnet and wings, it looked a sorry mess, as I have had the car for 8 years and it had 100000 miles on the clock I thought the best course of action would be to part exchange it for a new/newer car.
Initial enquiries suggested a very poor price for my car, as there was nothing wrong with it except for the scrapes so I thought to have it re-sprayed, that was a very expensive alternative as well so I asked Adam to have a look and following his examination he said that he thought he could make good most if not all of the scrapes.
I booked the appointment and Adam spent a day on it, when he was finished I was astonished, it looked like a new car, all the body panels shone like new, the interior had been cleaned and polished, the leather treated so that all signs of wear/distress have gone, completely.
I am really pleased with the work Adam has done, he now gives it a valet once a month, my whole experience with Adam has been one of complete satisfaction and I recommend him and his services wholeheartedly.
Mike Sheehy
KPI Transport co Limited   

*  INFINITI CENTRE READING - Franchised Dealer

Adam and AX-A-DENT PDR have been supplying dent repair services to Infiniti Centre Reading for the last 3 years. We have in the past used various other PDR technicians to support our bodyshop operation but have found most wanting when it came to the very high level of finish Infiniti vehicles require and display.

Many of the cars are Alluminium panelled which is very hard to work and all are finished in anti scratch and self healing lacqeurs which can be damaged if care is not taken.

The level and standard of finish delivered by AX-A-DENT has susrpassed all previous suppliers and expectations and we wil continue to employ their services into the future.

Aftersales and Bodyshop Manager
Mani Perez

N.B. Infiniti were taken over by Nissan UK in 2015 and the bodyshop was closed. AX-A-DENT PDR continue to supply PDR service to the site for all new and used stock. 


*   Ford Focus Bodycare and Detail
I recently used Ax a dent’s services to perform some work on my new Ford Focus. I bought it with a very low mileage from a dealer who offered to sell me a body care pack for £350 as a ‘discount’ for buying a car. I liked the idea but it seemed a lot so decided to think about it.
My husband had used Adam at Ax a dent to valet his Corvette and was very pleased with the finished result. I discussed with Adam what he would recommend and he was incredibly helpful and flexible. He talked me through the options available and recommended some products but I always felt like I was making the choices. I was surprised at the cost of some of the polishes he uses, real ‘top end’ stuff that my husband had on his car, but I wanted something that I could have done that would require even less maintenance.
I chose a package and the car was booked in. Being black the car had a lot of marks and scratches that the dealer had told me was ‘every day wear and tear’. I have now learned it is actually just poor care.
The result? I am so pleased, not only did Adam do an amazing job, but before putting on the body care, he thoroughly prepared the car with ‘clay’ (weird) and a special cleanser and repaired all the scratches and marks. (Things I am sure the dealer wouldn’t have done) His care and attention to detail was amazing. To top it all it cost less than the dealer had quoted for just the body care.  
IT LOOKS BETTER THAN NEW! Painless, excellent value and I can now actually see the metallic paint finish glisten, before it looked just black. I can’t recommend Ax-a-dent enough and we will definitely be using Adam to care our cars in the future.   
Elizabeth Witney  
EW Therapies


*   FERRARI 360 Modena Spider - Full Correction and Detail


Fantastic, Adam turned a truly great car into a fabulously beautiful car. Banished scratches, left fresh glowing paint work with a deep shine, remarkable detail to the job at hand, incl inside alloys, brake callipers, engine bay and more. Attention, care and enthusiasm were 1st class. Many thanks it looks stunning & I will definitely be back!
Owner wishes to remain anonymous but would be happy to recommend if a direct reference is required.

*  Corvette C5 Full Detail

I have owned my Vette for 8 years now and always took pride in the cleaning and appearance. It's more a fairweather car but still had my attentions for at least 1 or 2 weekends a year along with regular 'rinses', though mainly garaged through the winter. I decided I wanted to lavish some care on it but time being short was looking for someone else to do the hard work so approached Adam at AX-A-DENT for his thoughts.

We discussed various options available, Adam was clear and knowledgeable about how the different potions and waxes would work together so to cut a long story short we agreed on a course of action and I opted for a full Clay Bar treatment, HD Clean and a great smelling Zymol Wax. Adams enthusiasm for the treatments and towards the car convinced me my choices were right and along with the assurance that the polishes would be of benefit in the long term with recleaning, the car was booked in. I experienced thorough professionalism from initial contact through to job completion, Adam came to my house and made it extremely easy for me to get on with my day while spending 8 hrs of his day micro cleaning my car.


The finish on the car made it look new, like glass, certainly better than I have ever been able to get it! The treatments definitely made cleaning the car the next time round so much easier and resulted in the same brilliant finish with minimal effort......genius!! I haven't had to clean the car as often because dirt seems to just not stick to it and it keeps the shine so much longer!

Highly recommended to anyone and everyone who takes pride in driving a super spangly, clean car around!!


Phil Witney Sales Director, Odyssey Technologies


*  BMW 6 Series Detail and scratch Repair
I decided to use Ax-a-dent to perform a comprehensive valet on my 2010 model year BMW 6 series, both having had the car for a year and having not cleaned and waxed it much from new. I was delighted to get the car back in what can only be described as ‘Showroom Condition’ which provoked the same smile on my face as the one when I took delivery of the car in the first instance. Adam’s attention to detail meant that every nook and cranny was clean and shinning when I jumped in the car on collection. I will continue to use the services of Ax-a-dent to care for my BMW and would happily recommend the services offered.
Greg Greatbatch – Company Director    

*  MERCEDES BENZ - Paint Correction

Ax – A –Dent Testomonial.
I approached Adam at Ax-a-Dent regarding my 1988 230e Mercedes Benz finished in red to attempt to bring the faded finish back to life. I arrived with the car at 9:00 in the morning and decided to observe his work. I observed many different treatments being applied, one of which was a high quality “clay” which takes off tar and other difficult to remove tarnishes leaving a glass like feel to the paint. He then proceeded to polish the vehicle in stages not finishing until 5P.M!
He succeeded in blending different faded finishes (where some of the body had been resprayed) so that the paint work was more consistent, better than in the 11 years I have owned it! It looked truly magnificent once he had finished.
He worked tirelessly on the car with great enthusiasm and I was surprised at the cost too which was surprisingly low considering the effort, work and materials used.                            
I would therefore not hesitate in recommending him to really get your car paintwork not only clean but very well protected.
David Beaman May 2011   

*  BMW 3 Seriesz Scratch Repairs

When some ‘lovely person’ keyed my car, I figured I would be looking at an expensive repair bill which would be hard to swallow, but at the same time I hated seeing the dirty great scratch down the side.  Ax-a-dent was not only able to repair the damage to an excellent standard, but it didn’t cost me anywhere near what I would have had to pay at a garage. Adam is excellent at what he does and I was really impressed with the results, he was able to take the car on a day that suited me and the work was completed on time. The complete valet that had also been done on it was an added bonus… I really can’t recommend Ax-a-dent highly enough.
Clare Shephard
Proprietor – My Maison   

*  VAUXHALL ZAFIRA - Bumper Tidy and Dent repair


Thank you so much for doing such a lovely job on the bumper of my Vauxhall Zafira. I was really annoyed with myself when it happened and thought I was going to have to replace the whole bumper at great cost as it was a real eye sore, but now I don’t even notice it. Great job, friendly good humoured and very reasonable! Thanks again.


Pat Nash  


*  Vauxhall Vectra Smart Repairs

Thank you Adam at Ax-a-dent for taking the time and care to make my Vauxhall bumpers look new and fresh again. Really good job, friendly polite and professional.
Great value and service.
Mr James Herriot 

*   VW Scirocco Detail


Anyone looking for a thorough and almost scary attention to detail, look no further... Apart from the fact that the guy is a perfectionist and knows exactly what he is doing to a level you just can’t get from normal valet services, I also felt totally happy leaving my car with him which is very important to me.


Highly Recommend.

Justin Mills   



Note from the Proprietor,  


Thanks to all my great customers for their very kind words, it was apleasure to be of assistance.